Barbara with NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli


Meet the Candidates Town of Poughkeepsie Democrat Event
July 24th, 2021


Dutchess County Democratic Committee Brunch


Barbara with NYS Assemblywoman Didi Barrett

July 2, 2021


Why Your Vote Counts

June 16th, 2021

Local Elections Matter!
Here are your amazing Democratic and Working Families Candidates for the Town of Poughkeepsie!  
Tom Pallo/Ward 2, Allie Bopp/Ward 1, Alana Sawchuck/Ward 3, Barbara Pallazzo/Town Supervisor, Steve Englehardt/Superintendent of Highways, Coral Santos/Ward 4, Chris Parks/Ward 5, and Ann Shershin/Ward 6,


Community for Barbara Pallazzo

Open, Honest, Progressive.

Today is a new day. Welcome to 

Community for Barbara Pallazzo where the movement is flourishing in the Town of Poughkeepsie with candidates fighting for an honest and open progressive government.